Sunday, March 30, 2008

Gas the Homeless, .. Fuck the Handicapped

Just a Month ago, I was bitching about this Bitch, which, in Order to help out some conservative Major called Mo(th)ron to stay in Office, encouraged and promoted his sickning Ideas to 'Gas' Homeless out of the City and Suburbs.

Yes, 'Gas' 'em out of their last Shelters like Bridges and 'other Places.
Drive 'em out and go on 'spraying to keep 'em away. Well, 'They' pointed out, that the Gas doesn't harm, .. it just stinks really bad like the Name of the Product 'Bad Smell' says.

Yeah, once in a While I use some 'Stoff to keep Rodents and Insects away from the House.
This Creeps wanna do the same Thing, but to poor homeless Humans.
One, of so many Questions in this inhumane Matter .... where the Fuck 'YOU' wanem' to Go??

'Funny Thing' is, that this little twisted 'teenage- Bitch i'm talking about, is the current State Secretary in charge of Foreign Affairs and Human Rights.
Where do Her 'stinky Ambitions come from?

Well, first She admires shitfaced Sarkozy, (and may sucked him too, to get the Job) who allready told them french People before he got elected, that He would like to clean the Sub's with a huge 'Powerwasher', .. This too, was targeting Humans, in that Case mostly 'Foreigners.
Also She is under the Authority of the Minister of foreign Affairs, Bernard Kouchner, who really fits in that Group of bloodless and dangerous Retards.

Now, .. Today 'They' had the Handicapp'd, Sick(HIV...) and Invalid's on the Streets.
35000 'rolled in Paris and 10's of Thousands more in other Cities.
They asked for the 'Election-Promises have made to Them, to get 'em out of Poverty.
They ask for the minimum Wage of 1280 Euros per Month, which could and should be given to Them by Law.
The Poverty-Line in France starts under 817 Euros. ... The Handicapp'd, Sick(HIV...) and Invalids get 628Euros.
There are 810000 of Them.

What are you 'Kripples bitch about? Don't you remember, that 'We wanna 'Gas Homeless out of the Cities and powerwash 'Mullahs out of the 'Hoods. Does anything really amaze you anymore?

For instant a 'couple of Months ago, there was a 'nice Exposition' in Germany, with 5.9 Million Children on or under Poverty-Line. You add their Parents in a Country with 'just 80 Million People and you get some rude Number, by scratching that Surface.
Bush veto'ed against Healthcare for 4 Million Kids.
And overall the Brits don't look much better either.

Hey!! .. we've got 'em together. The supreme Elite's of them western, liberal, sozial, freedomfull and Human-Rights soaked 'Thing', ..'They call Democrazy.
Bush-Merkel-Sarkozy-Brown & Company.

What can you expect from these 'Shit for Brains', who treat their own People in a wide Variety of Inconsideration.
Who take Money from the Children, Poor, Sick and Old.

It's Simple.
Like all the Others befor 'Them, they miss an important Part of Brains.
The One which would give 'em the Ability, to keep Things together, make Everybody happy and get along, just in Peace.
'They can't do that. Not even at Home and worse Elsewhere.
There is no Money/Power in Peace. Not for 'Them. .. Inevitably

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