Monday, March 3, 2008

The ' Lances ' of " The Free " .. 2

Actually, I was going to talk about, ... just them few dumm grinning Moron's on them Pictures. These, and 'a few Others', are the People who did, do and will attack.
They attack with Lie's, .. They insinuate, .. They assume 'falsely, Threats, Resolutions, Sanctions, Attacks. For me, they're also extremely prejudice Rassists. They fuck with Everybody who isn't, and doesn't wanna be like "Them"....Kultur, Tradition, System, Religion... Appearance??.. Left, Right, Black, Purple and Sand.
'They are not Politicians, nor Diplomats. They all have the same Mark and buckle under the Pressure, when you ask 'Them for any Alternative,.. more freedomfull way, than the well known destructive- fucked-up 'One' They're on.
'They will most certainly babble some incoherent, inhibited Trash and tell you that all the Shit they are going to do to 'Others' is the Others Fault ....period.
'They have been, are, and will be always loud, confident and united, when 'They tell you, that they have to punish 'Somebody because its good for you, and the World... And remember, they dont wanna get along with Nobody.
I was going to talk about this 'Lance of the Free'.. Israel, which fucks-up the Mid-East for the 'Lands of the Free' for 60 Years.
Naively I assume that ya'll know that, as an Israel Official just said, that Palestinians will receive a 'bigger Holocaust', and Israel proofed that last Week, right now, and for 60Years by killing Civilians without a Break. Not 'only Palestinians ... Hell no, .. everywhere around and behind.
Libanon 06 is a bitter Example for Western-democratic-legalised killing of Civilians in 'great Numbers.
And 'its just the Tip of a 60 year old Iceberg .. and beyond.
This is not the only Shit this self-announced Leaders of their 'Free World' allow Themselves.
They wanna and gonna fuck with Everybody.
Israel is not the only 'Lance of the Free'. Them Free-World-Fuckers have their provoking 'Lances spread out. And 'They all allowed to attack on other Country's sovereign Soil.
-Last Year we had Israel dropping Bombs on Syria.
-Lately we had Exxon-Mobile slaping "Sanctions" 'privately' on Venezuela.
-Lately we had 'the Lance Columbia' attacking Ecuador with a cruel Air and Groundstrike.
-Lately the US strikes in Somalia
-Last Year the US bombed some 'Hoods' in Pakistan.
-Lately the Libanese complain about the presence of more Warships off their Coast.
-Lately Iraq complains about Attacks by 'Lance Turkey' on Iraq.
-And Nobody gives a shit of what the IAEA, the American Secret- Services(NIE-Report), the NPT, or whoever says,.. about the very legal Rights of Iran. They are really hot for fucking with them 'Mullahs' in any kind of harmfull Way, despite of 'Their own Laws.
Why are We doing that?? .... There are Terrorist, .. fucking everywhere. Everybody, does'nt like our aggressiv Surge of emperial Dominance, is a Terrorist. Everybody, doesnt like the murderous Way in which we deliver our neoliberal and so peacefull Democracie of the Free, is a Terrorist. A whole Religion is a Terrorist.
And we hit 'em, where ever we decide to find them.
And we always manage to kill a lot of Civilians in all them Neighborhoods, everywhere we, or our 'Lances' strike.
Not a fucking regret!
We also like to fuck with Russia and China.
They're dangerous too. We bitch about their Weapons, their growing economic Power and their lack of Democracie and Human Rights, while we fuck up our own Economies, build Weapons konfusingly and kiss our Democracie good bye, by installing faschistoid overhyped 'Patriot-Acts' to scare our own People and shut 'Them the fuck up.
I kill People in my Name, and as long it does'nt stop I'm guilty as charged.

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