Friday, March 28, 2008

Infect the Crowd ... 2 inch Dick

2 Weeks ago, I was talking about This.
I talked about, that -all 'They' do, is to follow the sick Lead of the Elite's, and drool for Recognition.-

That there are some -shady 'Idols-Heroes-Celebrities' to 'gain from, and some of them Hate and Warmongers, believe it or not, are officially 'awarded for their destructive 'Work'. In Gemany and 'Elsewhere.-

Yesterday was just one of them fucked-up european Main-Events of faschistic Hate'ism.
This Time it was that ugly, arrogant, blond'ed, Pumpkinskull, Aryan-Mutant-wannabe Celeb' who got the Chance to grow his 2 inch Dick another half'n inch.

Unbelieveably' that Freak scared the shit out of the Dutch, from the People on the Street til to the Government, and he also managed to keep the Attention of all of Europe on his pathetic, primitiv, cheap and well know'n, for Escalation screaming 'Projekt. 'For several Month's'

Everybody and their Dogs knew exactly what's coming.
17 Minutes of incoherent Provokation against almost a quarter of the Worlds Population.

And absolutely Everybody knew, that exactly 'That, was going to Happen. .. No Excuse!
It was again, simply and sadly Inevitable. And I hate the meaning of this Word when Prediction becomes Reality in Advance.

How often you wanna say 'I knew it', til you give up. And this Day's so Many don't have to be smart about it, to simply 'feel whats going on 'cause it's get'n thicker than Air.

The Dutch-Government 'locked up Today and 'Others pushed on the Alert. About a Weirdo' with a 17 Minute Video, who told whole Europe for Months, that exactly This is going to Happen.

Did I mention, that this s(l)ick Mega-Moron is a Politician too? He and his "Party for Freedom (and Democracy)" have 9 out of 150 Seats in the 'House of the Netherlands.

Check him out and just the first 90 Seconds should tell you enough.

And there are a 'few more of this kind of 'Individuals in Europe, who do absolutely Everything to get Attention and cum towards their Mirror's and unfortunately it works in this well know'n and sickning Way.
And it just does! .. Did'nt we get the Chances to Know better? .. to avoid autocratic, hatepreaching faschistoid Turd's like 'Geert.

If You are uncomfortable with your little 2-inch Dick just don't turn Faschist, .... get a Porsche and if you can't afford it, get a good Breakfast with Babyfood and Therapy and shut the Fuck up.

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