Monday, March 17, 2008

5 Years Iraq, .. just another 'Toy' in Time

I was in Germany, .. 2 weeks before the Attack on Iraq. That was 'them Day's' and Weeks, when the 'whole World' participated in a massive 'For Freedom/Anti-War Protest 'for Iraq.
All these People in Germany and 'Elsewhere had been more than convinced, that Bush&CO. has to bend under this 'global Pressure.
Nobody understood my, so negative Attitude, by me saying that I'm gonna be 'Lucky if I make it Back to the States, before the 'Shit hits the Fan'.
All this People did not listen to Bush&CO., 'Who said, that 'He would not depend his Decisions on the Opinion's of 'Others'.... Easy ... And He attacked!
Well, all them 'Others are Millions of People all around the World, who have been shocked and Silenced. What ever lame, cheap Lie 'False Flags' They pulled this Time, They stood up to the Opposition of 'The People', who didn't want This to Happen ... and They attacked.
The Decision to Attack was Made a long Time before 'People protested or even thought about it.
This kind of Decisions have been Made for a 100 and 1000's of Years. 'Just That, gave me the negative Attitude to know it would happen.
"Inevitable"..... I would call that.
Are we talking about them Cavemen, who beat each other with Bones? ... The Roman Empire and Before? ... The 30 Year-War amongst Ourselfes? ... Ran over the Caribbeans on the Way to 'clear the America's? ... 'Cleared Australia too? ... Got some ugly Boot in Africa? ... Killed a/or Dozen's of Millions in India? ... Got some Boot in Asia anyways? ... South-America-today? ... ... Did I mention that never ending 'Holy War' or the Inquisition. I scratched the Surface. And We provoke anybody else ...for granted.... Today
Are'nt we so Lucky, that we live in such modern Times, in which 'Generation-D' and 'Everybody knows about our bloodsoaked History, as even Wind and Rain know, that Wars are 'Bad.
The 'People before us', did'nt even have a Chance to do anything about it, 'cause They just did not Know.
Does that make a Difference? Not at All.
You could think, that at Last after the last Century, Humanity would really have had more than enough of that global Horror/Terror, especially as we know all of That and Before by Now.
Not at All. We are just un&'dis'able'd to Help It, so it can't make a Difference.
And We attack.
As we have the almighty militaery Power, we like to predict that its going to be a 'piece of Cake or 'Cakewalk, like in Afghanistan and Iraq. ... Lebanon ... Vietnam ............
'Cakewalk-Iraq Mission accomplished: Five Years, a Million People wasted, over 4 Million displaced, bad Water/Food/Electricity/Medical/....... and still talking about that 'we will prevail.
Yes, we will not give up to help them People in Iraq. To establish our Democracy.
Build them a strong Police-Force and a good Armee so they can take care of Business like We do.
After Decades, the Iraqi People and many 'Others know, what our Democracy is all about. And We know it too.
It is an overall Attack on World-Freedom.
And everything is democraticly, arbitrary legalized. ... Boykotts, Sanktions, Resolutions, Torture,.... Attacks, which come with the worse 'Poisons' we have seen so far?? ....
Is it Napalm/White Phosphorus, which burned thousands in Vietnam, which also had Millions to die and suffer of Agent Orange 'till to this very Day... Clusterbombs? Will it be 'Atom-bombs, we already tried out in Japan?
What "Toy" is it this Days, after a wastefull Century with Atom'-Biological-Chemical Weapons.
Its DU, and it comes with any kind of Application you could think of.
From the 'simple Bullet, Artillerie, Missiles, ..... Everything got the DU.
Why? ... It penetrates so well!!
DU is one of them 'Things, nobody wants to talk about. Certainly not the 'Ones who use it, .. not all them People, who know about it, .. and many just don't Know at all.
Throughout Time so many People have been 'marked by them 'Toy's' of pure and disgusting Insanity.
Today, we face the DU-Generation, and these so harmfull transformed 'Mutations', can still join 100-thousands of Victims of Agent Orange, 'Little Boy' or 'Fat Man' and many 'Others, .. this very Day.
'Some' sick Bastards make even sure, that their Poison works for a long Time after they dropped it.
DU will kill People and other Life for over 4 Billion Years, and it does'nt care about Borders.
It comes in small Particles, you can breath in and it is tiny enough to fall through your Skin.
What DU already did and does in Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan or Elsewhere??
and some more about Depleted Uranium
It's like the 'Dust in the Wind' and 'just one of so many terrible 'Things' we face.
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.
And when will it be to Late, if not already Yesterday.


  1. "And when will it be to Late, if not already Yesterday."

    Nice. Great contribution to the cause...

  2. Jakester,
    (comment regarding your comment- "Would you mind me posting some of your Photomontage's in my blog?" on A Poetic Justice.)"

    Please feel free to do so. Thank you for thinking them worthy.