Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Just, ..... don't fuck around!

There are People, .. like that happy-smiling Guy on the Picture, who can do just absolutely everything they want to.


-They can be druged and fucked up over Decades and also fuck up anything they ever touched.

-They let their own People die in Storms at Home and in senseless, illegal Wars and kill Civilians in great Numbers elsewhere on the Planet.

-They brake down their own Economy together with Sozial/Healthcare, Schoolsystem and anything Else.

And with so much other Shit in the Book, these Leaders&Fighters of the 'Free World and for Democracy, just protected Torture.

Whenever it happens, that the spineless Opposition tries to Stop some of 'Their Bull', they just 'Veto'. And they Veto a lot for their Own and 'Others Crimes. They are Criminals.

But there are People out there, they're even worse. And they get what they deserve. If they don't resign, they'll be threatn' with Impeachment and tried for Trial.

Because they are really really bad, 'cause they fucked some Hookers.

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