Thursday, March 13, 2008

Infect the Crowd

There is a 'Movement out There, which follow's a well known, extremely dangerous and violent Pattern. Again, it comes from these Western- imperialistic, neoliberal, 'new-old neoconservative militant Cavemanbrain-Crusaders who do not, and really don't want to know 'Better'.

They started off this New Millennium worse, than 'They finished the last One. Them *Otherfuckers.. just can't help it.
Some, if not all of 'Them, have got the Guts to tell us, that we have to learn out of History to understand and prevent these well know'n "Mistakes".
These hypocritical Lie'ers obviously do not have any Intention to even learn out of the last terrifying Century and/or beyond that horrifying Shit.

This European-Union and some 'Others adopt entirely this so harmfull USrael -Policy.

I don't even talk about them Moron-Wanna'be-World-Leaders of Germany, England, France and 'Others.
I don't talk about them snapped Government's, Religion's, Military-and other industrial Complexes.

I'm talking about them 'little and mediocre, so 'willingly-innocent' poisoned People out There.
Them, who follow this monstrous Lead of the Elite's, and even expand 'Their harmfull Way's,' by primitiv and hatefull Verbalyties.
I wanna' talk about some of these People, .. in this Case Germans, as I am one of them. No need for me to be ashamed. I grew up without a 'stain of Patriotism and I got rid of Religions, by learning about 'its Abuse and Consequences in the Past and till to this very Day.
But it bothers and fright'ns me quiet a 'Bit.

There are 'Some, who 'waste almost Anything in their Path by supporting America and the State of Israel. Any Criticism condemned, and all 'Their Enemy's' from Yesterday and Tomorrow hated.

The 'Elite and 'Others I don't talk about', give these People that great Confidence.
Almost daily 'They spit their aggressive Interpretation of Democracy, Human-Rights, Liberty and Freedom towards 'Others, and 'They don't miss to send Bullets and Missiles within that Message to some of 'Them. .... and 'They have more of that Crap in Mind and 'They are certainly not Shy to tell us, either.

Additionally and Especially in Germany/Europe and also 'Elsewhere, 'They tell their People, that the Islam/Muslims are going to take over their 'Homeland's and that 'They have to protect 'em from This, going to Happen. .... at Home ..... and "Elsewhere".
The People, which are infected by 'This, .. I'm talking about.

The Span is wide. From Those, who are 'just confused and not sure about anything anymore, to the Participators.
These are the poor Zombies who pretend, want to, .. or even realy believe what the 'Elite's and their allmighty Mainstream preaches Them confusingly.

The Way's they express, are as wrong and disgusting as possible and they're off Reality.
Many of them overdo it most badly in their Comments and will be applaused by a common Crowd. And all they do, is to follow the sick Lead of the Elite's, and drool for Recognition.

They are beyond any Reasonability and Objektivity, and they can't and won't understand that their twisted Way's of solving Problems are the possibly worst one's to choose.

-'Who's not with Me is my Enemy'- in cruel Perfection.

And they have some shady 'Idols-Heroes-Celebrities' to 'gain from, and some of them Hate and Warmongers, believe it or not, are officially 'awarded for their destructive 'Work'.
In Gemany and 'Elsewhere.

Sounds familiar?

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  1. -'Who's not with Me is my Enemy'- in cruel Perfection.


    Fine post, sir.

    You might want to think of adding a translator in your sidebar so I can read your "German" posts.