Saturday, April 12, 2008

And the French again

After trying to 'Gas' the Homeless and keeping on 'fucking the Handicapped' , the Sarkozy-Regime attacks the Education-System ... big Time.
"French government cost-saving reform will cut thousands of teacher jobs in the next school year, part of a broader attempt by President Nicolas Sarkozy to cut costs and bureaucracy. The government plans to cut about 8,800 jobs in junior high and high schools in the 2008-2009 school year."

These Protests of the Weekest of Society in France, .. Homeless, Handicapped, Children/Youngsters, .. took Place within just 6 Weeks and is also a Reflection of this kind of destructive 'Movement' of the other World-Leading Morons... USA, England, Germany ....
With a 'slight Difference, as them french People elected this pathetic Monster despite all Odds.
Despite all the Knowledge, that Sarkozy must not make it into 'Office, as many knew what Consequences it would bring. The Confirmation for this Concerns are massiv.

Compared to Sarkozy, Bush has not been elected twice, ... Merkel has not been voted for by 65% of german Voters, not mention the solid Part of Non-Voters who did'nt like her either.
Brown was put in Place by Blair, and many English are still not comfortable with having a new Prime' .... just like that.

"Demonstrators also fear that Sarkozy's overall reforms will erode the social and labor protections that underpin French society."
And that Fear is also well known and justfied by them People of them Countries I just mentioned and many Others.

What ever you wanna call this inhumane, inconsiderate 'Changes' .... Kapitalism, neoliberal, neoconservative ..... it ain't good at all.
Some call it Feudalism, which is certainly a Bullseye in the Case of Sarkozy:
"Sarkozy is suffering the Consequences of his wrong domestic Policies. He is not serving the French people; he serves the Industrialists who helped him become President. While campaigning for the presidential Elections, Sarkozy had pledged to create more Jobs in line with increasing the Income of the French People. However, the People see that he is acting against their Interests. Sarkozy is victimizing the poor for the sake of the interests of the Rich. The French People are very devoted to the freedom they gained in May 1968. This is while Sarkozy is restricting their Freedom for the sake of interests of the Rich. The same approach by Sarkozy resulted in defeat of his party in the recent municipality Elections."

Solutions,....... not that I would Know of.
Except getting some Humans into Offices, after getting the Morons out..... Daydreamer.

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