Thursday, April 3, 2008


Yesterday, after my Wife picked up the little One from School, she asked me if i would know what Day it is?

.......uhhh.. Wednesday?

..It's Autism Awareness Day!


OOuuhh, .. Autism!

Is'nt that that 'Thing, some freaky Hypes already call Epidemic, 'cause there is just One out of a 100+ Kids?

Is'nt it that Disease, nobody 'seems to Know where it's coming from.

Are'nt some of them Kids really smart in some Way's, but many of them, kind of 'Non-Responsive'

Do some Parents have to poison their 'Autists with some heavy Drugs, in Order to keep them brutal Seizures down.

Does somebody Know, where that neurological Damage comes from? Does somebody want to Know where its coming from? Does somebody want you to Know where its coming from? Is somebody responsible for It? ... And if...? does 'That One' stop the Cause?

Many of 'Them, who talk about Autism on bigger Stages like TV, are mostly misleading, single out some 'Talents and wash it like an old Shirt nobody wants to wear.

Autism?? ... I don't Know what Autism is. My little One does'nt either. He does'nt give a Rats Ass about a lot of Stoff and he is the sweetest Brad in the World. So are all the Children on this Planet and if Everybody starts to Love 'Them All, this Human-World will be a better Place and me and many Others don't have to live 'forever.

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