Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sinister Elite

These two Men have some real, real Bad Thing in Common.
The complete Lack of Responsibility for Children.
'One fucks, .. the other 'One kills 'Them'.
Their Predecessor's in 'Rank and 'Blood have been as fucking Bad as Well.

Why in Hell do they still Rule? .... 'Cause a 'Devil ...... never sleeps?

...Last Indian Sommer...

I can see the Tears of Who do see I only see
And I can feel the Pain of Who do feel I do not feel
I miss the Sound of Silence, have'nt heard it in a long long Time
And where are all the Ilands, Everybody needs to peace the Mind

Oh I can see no Land without a Print, abuse and leave it dead
Oh I can taste the Poison in the Wind, We have'nt learned it yet
Oh and i know Solutions in them Drawers have been wasted all
Let's bite the Dust, we missed the final Call

--Last Indian Sommer, kill it all, we may not see another 'Fall,
except the One we work so hard on
Last Indian Sommer, now face the Fact, we did all Wrong and had a Pakt
with a Devil ..... never sleeps

Flowers in her Hair, clear Water runs out of a broken Gutter, Nose tickles in that fresh clean Air

That and a little More was all We asked for, and what we got instead of Peace,
We turned the Battle into War

Last Indian Sommer, yes We had the Chance but We prefer to do the Dance,
with a Devil ............... never sleeps.

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