Monday, April 7, 2008

The Eye of the Lords

All so Wrong and nothing Right, bless the Soldiers for the Fight
Waste the holy Water and force your Gods into your Slaughter
Religion does not need to justify
a Tooth for a Tooth .. a Million Eyes for just one Eye
..The Eye of the Lords has never been dry..
Remember the Witches, light up them Bitches
a Kill for a Kill even more at Will, and make up a Day by slaying some Prey
The Eye of the Lords can't take anymore, has seen enough of this holy War
So tired to carry the Blame
for spilling the Blood in the Name of God
The Eye of the Lords has lost its Side
They gave Us the Chances to do it Right
Well, we ate the Apple, reversed Commandment and choosed free Will
to kill for the Kill
Shadows bright .. Sun in Black
Moon joines in , in a bloody Red
No Noice in no Air the Waters dry, I guess We kissed our Ass Good bye
Creation failed, writt'n down before
was'nt worth it at All, oh thats for sure
But Lords one last Thing, .. if You dont like some Place
Just drop Us down and We'll do the Waste.

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