Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Western Moron Competition

Not, that it ever has been different.
It just really does'nt get any better.
And the Competition is on!
Which of our Countrys finds the worse Person and puts 'It in Charge.
No need to say Anything about Bush. One of the most Imbecile trying hard, dumm smiling and patheticly-childish arrogant, to fuck up Amerika and the Rest of the Planet. And Who could be Next, .. McCain?
Merkel should be a transparent Chameleon for Everybody. 'Its Records consist of Elbows and a Cleaver for spliting Backs to the Top. 'It does'nt give a Shit about Anything, loves to put that dumm girlish grin on by any giv'n Chance, reminding Itself be'ing 'Up There.
And It also loves to 'hang with the Other Morons.
Sarkozy shows in his short Time that he is just a general Failure ... like the Other Morons.
Brown is nothing but the Choice of the former 'Pudel, .. no Changes, just another Pet on the Leash.

And the 'Newcomer is as special as possible.
Silvio Berlusconi became the new Boss in Italy. The third Time since '94.
This Individual is a well known Criminal for Decades, and he has a Record to have his future Family-Generations already born Handcuffed.
These Blunt-Skulls have everything in common.
The worst Thing, .. They get in Office and Rule.
And we're screwed and 'Others really badly.
PS. At least Berlusconi looks better after the 'Lifting and Hair-Transplant (last 2 Pics)
What a Change. But since than, his Mouth pulls Open when he crosses his Legs.

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