Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Weirdness of this Global Shitness

Poll: Germans disapprove Bush's policies
"A recent opinion poll published on the day of Bush's visit to Berlin shows 77% of Germans think the 'veteran president' has not done a good job.
According to a survey released on Wednesday by German broadcaster N24, only 14 percent of the voters evaluated US President George Bush's policies as successful.
The poll, conducted by the Emnid agency, interviewed 1,000 Germans on June 9 and had a margin of error of plus or minus 2.5 percentage points.
One day earlier the Suddeutsche Zeitung newspaper had commented on the reluctance of leading European politicians to be associated with Bush.
"Every European politician knew that the partner in Washington was quasi-radioactively contaminated. Whoever got involved with Bush would be abandoned by the voters."
According to the latest opinion polls over 80 percent of the population of Europe is opposed to the Bush administration's policies.
The veteran Social Democratic Party politician Egon Bahr said "I do not know of any other president in American history who has done so much damage to his country."
The former German foreign minister, Hans-Dietrich Genscher stated that Bush was largely responsible for the enormous loss of prestige suffered by the US worldwide."

Including the American People, we've got a Majority out of 800 Million Citizens in Europe/America who don't 'like the Bush-Administration and let us include also them 'few People in Canada and Australia.
And what about them other 5,5 Billion World-Citzens in Russia, China/Asia, India, Mid-East, Afrika, .............
Reckon that most People want nothing more than a good Life and Peace for themselves and their Children, I assume that most People on this Planet just can't like Bush & CO., as Freedom and Peace is certainly not what he stands and goes for.
But lets stick with them Europeans, especially those who have the same self-announced World-Leading Ambitions like GeorgeJunior, talk the same Shit out of his Ass and suck his Dick by any givn' Chance.
I excuse the English as I do'nt think that to many People could predict, in what Mess Tony Blair would get in to, just by becoming Bushs Pudel. He did'nt do any good, ... not for England and sure not for anybody else. And nobody has been asked for Blairs pus'ed grown in Toenail Brown, which does'nt make any Difference at all, .....rather worse.
Who could possibly process the old-back and forward-don't know what the Fuck-Newcumer Italy. This, 'have'nt recuperate from the Fall of the Roman Empire Non-Brainers' elected the very same Master-Criminal-Billionair who should be in Prison since the early 80's, for the third Time since '94.
Maybe the Fact that Italy had nearly as many Governments as Years since '45 helps to not understand Them furthermore. And Pro-Bush was well know'n for granted. What the f...
The French ain't any better. Their 'almost senil former Leader has already been called 'Atom-Chirac' as he threatn'ed Iran with Nuke's in repeat. The old Sucker just tried to fit that new american/european Profile.
Whats that? ... Well, easy .... fuck up everything including your own People.
And than they made the worst Choice possible.
They elected a total Fuck, being forced to bitch about him during his first Year in Office, and his 'We do'nt' like You Poll' was at 70% after his first Year, mostly about fucking up his own Frenchmen and Women. International he's just matching the other Bush-Policy Cocksuckers.
And so we come to the female Part of this 'western wanna globalize with all Options on the Table Bang-Gang'.
Se' Merkel. .. Surprisingly 'It got the best Approval-Polls throughout the first 2 and a half Years.
Already that is hard to understand, as a 3Quarter Majority of Germans (and the Worlds Population) does'nt like Bush. And Merkel 'hangs with Bush more than all the other submissive Morons and she's his favorite Bitch too.
During her Regency she has been in the US 11 Times out of her over 60 international Trips within her first 2 Years.
She's never Home. Easy to understand, if you don't give a Shit about your Country at all.
Already over 2 Years befor 'It has (*not) been elected for Chancelor in 2005, she rushed over to the United States in 2003 to go down on Bush and apologize for Chancelor Schroeders strong Refusal to participate in Bushs Iraq-Attack leaving the Remark that that would'nt have happened with her in Office.
Right there you can start asking what the fuck is wrong with you Germans? Don't you People hate that Iraq-War either? And with Merkel them Days, you would be a vital, brutal and criminal Part of It!
In June 2005, .. 3 Months before she has'nt been elected by the German Voters with only *35%, she said that "We truly do not have the legal Right for Democracie and sozial Market Economie for Eternity"
Regarding to Homeland-Security she has nothing but "Zero-Tolerance"
And in Order to install or wors'n more inhumane ilegal Failures like Afghanistan and overall, she likes to cum up with "No Alternatives" and "No Tabu's"
So, what is wrong with you Germans?
Nothing at all!
They sit in the same Boat like their Neighbours and Others.
More and more People simply get sick and tired of all that daily Crap out there. If and what they know, does'nt make to much of a Difference, as there is no Alternative for them to See.
The Non-Voters are going to become the Strongest Party because many do not wanna waste their Voice for some lesser 'Evil.
For Them there is no more or less anymore. "They're all the Same" you hear many say.
That seems to be a Fact and I believe that too.
What to do?
Waiting for more like

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