Tuesday, June 17, 2008

McCain in Context ... ++

McCain Supporters gonna hate Olbermann for that.
Get a Grip People. It's in Context.
Quotes from the last 6 Years, and in a 'normal World it would be certainly hard to make any reasonable or coherent Sense out of That.
But it ain't a normal World Up There, ... ain't It. And McCain is'nt the only mad Moron Up There either. And what are his References to lead the USA out of this inter/national Disaster.
NONE .... and what was H. R. Clintons References to make America and the Rest of the World a better Place?... Her last Name and took it easy with Bill's Blowjob? .. and what else?
And who is Obama? The Tiger Woods of Politics, with the 'slide Difference, that Woods proofed over-sufficiently that he's good in what he's doing and Obama is only an extreme slick Talker and still and already said way to many Things to proof where he will be lead from and to.
It does'nt really matter who gets the Job, ... McCain would just be the most embarassing Choice. An american Yeltsin, run by the same Monsters like his late russian Colleague.("If we rank all the fields of man's activity by profitability, politics will be the most lucrative business. When we see a critical situation in the government, we draw lots in order to pick out a person from our milieu for work in power.") Mikhail Khodorkovsky .. '97
Who will be Obamas 'Ghosts? ......
And whats the Difference at all, to the already installed World-Leading Morons in Europe?
NONE .... They all talk the same Bull' on a day'lie Routine. It does'nt matter anymore who you listening to. Actually they fuck with almost Everybody, is not within their western, democratic globalizing-Order Union. They prepare with Bitching, Badmouthing, ...followed by Assumption, Insinuation and Lies, ... and Ends in Boykotts, Resolutions, Sanctions and the Threat of military Options to the final Attack.
They unanimously refuse to talk to Those they declared their Enemys, and pretend that they do'nt need to, before their Pre-Conditions have'nt been fullfilled.
They boost social Breakdowns/Poverty in their own Countries and push for tough Security'measures up to the Zero-Toleranz Level. Total Kontrol, Stake 'em all out, Cameras everywhere, Phones, Computers, Face-Scan, Fingerprints, DNA, Eye-Scan*, ....... Armys in the Streets, ... Everybody becomes a Suspect. .......... Democracie??
The english Regime just released its new Little-Guantanamo-Law, which enables them to detain everybody arbitrarily without Reason, Charge nore lawfull Defence for up to 42 Days. "Enough is enough. On top of the attempt to extend detention without trial, on top of the Belmarsh detention camp in the UK, on top of the increasing atmosphere of the ‘Crusades’ ........"
And these sickning Actions and further Ideas are out there everywhere.
Completely pathetic, Europe has for the third time since '94 its own Pizza-Oligarch back, and he is going to change the Constitution of his Country, so he does'nt have to go to Prison for up to 8 Years.
B4 i get too confusing, i can only ask how much more it takes to wake up, but i also apologize for my Impertinence again, because it could never be enough 'til it was to Late.

Betrayer - Kreator
and Rotten To The Core
Rotten To The Core - OVERKILL

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