Thursday, April 1, 2010


"(Reuters) - Pope Benedict, accused by victims' lawyers of being ultimately responsible for an alleged cover-up of sexual abuse of children by priests, cannot be called to testify at any trial because he has immunity as a head of state, a top Vatican legal official said on Thursday."

"In the morning the pope blessed oils for Church services during the year, and in the evening in the Rome basilica of St John's in Lateran he washed the feet of 12 priests to commemorate Jesus' gesture of humility the night before he died."
Is this relevant?

"But on the day Catholics commemorate Christ's founding of the priesthood, the pope did not refer in any of his sermons to the crisis of confidence sweeping the Church as almost daily revelations surface of sexual abuse of children in the past, accompanied by allegations of a cover-up."
Because that would be all too Bad! .. Would'nt it?

"Dalla Torre outlined the Vatican's Strategy to defend the Pope from being forced to testify in several lawsuits concerning sexual abuse which are currently moving through the U.S. legal system.
And not only through the U.S. legal System at all!

"The pope is certainly a head of state, who has the same juridical status as all heads of state," he said, arguing he therefore had immunity from foreign courts.

" ... the pope is protected by diplomatic immunity because more than 170 countries, including the United States, have diplomatic relations with the Vatican. They recognize it as a sovereign state and the pope as its sovereign head."

"Dalla Torre rejected suggestions that U.S. bishops,(and elsewhere) some of whom have been accused of moving molesters from parish to parish instead of turning them in to police, could be considered Vatican employees, making their "boss" ultimately responsible."

"The Church is not a multi-national corporation," dalla Torre said. "He has (spiritual) primacy over the Church ... but every bishop is legally responsible for running a diocese." .............

Oh Yes, ... this Church is a multi-national Corporation. A real profitable One, which sits on an estimated 500 Billion/half a Trillion$. .... This Church is based on 90% Greediness and her Charity limbs on a 10%. So what is it good for anyways, if not for to be nothing but Good?

The last 1000Years this Church has blessed many Armees and was a vital Part for killing 100s of Million of People.

Now this Church poses as Victim for molesting, abusing, torturing, ....... fucking Children Worldwide. The Vatican hangs out his lousy State-Status and the Pope as its Head insists on his diplomatic Immunity. It should not be granted! ... After 100thousands of Cases Worldwide, the Church still ornaments the Revelations of her Crimes as 'Allegation, Assumption, Insinuation, Suggestion, ... or even 'isolated Cases', .... does'nt give no Shit about her Victims and tramples all over Them again.

Got your dirty Hands on deaf Children, because they can't hear? ... On blind Children, because they can't see? All the Children you abused have one Thing in common! The mental/physical Pain you applied.

This Church is Way over Due. It has got to Go. And take all the other Churches/Religions with you. And don't forget to take your Gods with you too, which you misused so greatly in Order to apply so much Harm.

May your Gods judge you and move on.

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