Friday, November 18, 2011

Protect Me from My People

Yes, I understand!
Everybody, especially 'public prominence' People, and most certainly Politicians, need Protection. ... from some People .. of The People. .... of Their People.

Of which Kind of People is Herman Cain in need of Protection?

"Cain, who is black, should not run for the White House."

""Tell him not to run" and "there's no such Thing as a black Republican, ...""

Now, .. let Me tell You Something .. Herman: These People You need Protection of,  are no Democrats, no Kommunists nor Socialists, no Muslims, Atheists, Latinos, or any other Group of People, You fucking Fuck with!

It's Your Own Fucking People, You chose to Run For!! ... TeaReps, Who are most responsible for any Kind of  harsh Racism and all Kind of fucked up Prejudism in Your Country.

I am no Racist/etc., and I would like to be in Sound with Everybody.
So What?? .. is your fucking Problem???

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