Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fact-Resistance .. Idiocrazy .... TeaReps


That seems almost unfair. .. Maybe Rick just had a real bad Day!
Unfortunately there has been no better Day to be found yet.

Since he started babbling, how good he did for Texas, in Order to gain a propper Reputation for becoming President, Some take a closer Look on Facts, and Thats rather Devastating.
Also, whenever Rick moves his Lips, you think you're in LaLa-Land and LaLa-Man is right in Front of you.
Its not just about his 2 out of  3, It was before like That and It just keeps on Cuming. Inevitably!!

For instant Yesterday, .. one bad Day of nothing but bad Days, .. Perry just did not get it.. at ALL .. Again.!!
"Two Days after releasing a Television ad chastising President Obama for calling Americans “lazy,” Texas Gov. Rick Perry stuck to the Claim in his TV Spot despite having taken Obama’s Comments out of Context."
"Even after Bill O’Reilly played President Obama’s entire comments, which show the President was referencing the Government and Business Sector not Americans, Perry still clung to his Belief."

"“Yeah it’s a fair ad absolutely,” Perry said on “The O’Reilly Factor” Friday evening. “This president’s traveled around the country making excuses for America, apologizing for America, saying that America is not an exemplary country, and then he gets on TV and talks about that Americans are lazy, that they’ve lost their ambition, that they’ve lost their imagination.”"

"“He said we’ve been a little lazy,” Perry said. “I think he’s talking about Americans.”
“Do you really?” O’Reilly asked. “Is That what you took away from That?”" .........
(After, with his BullShit, even losing Grounds at O' Reillys!!!, ... Coyote-Rick  comes with One of this imbecile Teabagger- (sucking Corporate Balls in submissive Position) -Crap, and calls Obama a Socialist.
Obama a Socialist?? ... I'm certainly Santa, .. an Yes, my fucking Reindeers fly and they're all Gay!!)

And there comes Ricks Brainfart: "“Absolutely,” Perry said. “I think that’s exactly what he’s talking about. I think this is a Man who really, if he believed that Americans were hardworking, that they were ready to ignite this Economy, then we wouldn’t have the Tax Policy, wouldn’t have the Regulatory Policies in place that are killing Jobs in this Country.”"
"Perry did not hide his Contempt for the President and his Policies and directly labeled Obama a “Socialist.”
“Absolutely,” Perry said. “I think Barack Obama is a Socialist.”"

Perry Thinks? ... which is barely possible, as Thinking needs Brains.
And sure, the only Thing he can come up with, is the typical TeaRep-Rap -Tax Policy-, which means less Taxes especially for the Rich, further Deregulations for Industries ... and again he forgot the third One, .. 'Less Government'.
And that is,  what already kills Jobs and Country. ...... Not that Rick would Know!! ....
And there are some other 'Frontrunners like Cain, who started shining with Crap like a Deadly Electric Fence between USA/Mexico, .. Soldiers and Drones, ....
But That was just a Choke. .....
Otherwise, he doesn't know the Difference between an Arse and an Elbow .... his 9-9-9-Plan ist totally Idiotic and would Fuck Up the Country befor you can say SHIT.

Back to Foreign Policies ..... what do you expect from a Bunch of Morons, who are more than Stupid enough to bring Down their own People, ..... if you give 'Em the Chance.

A few Days ago, Cain proofed, that He doesn't know Dick about Lybia.
We're talking about a very present Event, goes on since March an Before, .... and if You don't know about That, what Else don't Ya??
And Today?? ... Al Quaida and the Taliban ruling Lybia!!
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The first Part of this Clip gives You also the 'ADVISOR-Gingrich (who in despite or because his Scandal leads the Polls Now), all them 'Bitches accuse Cain are Liars, and YES, ... the Taliban moved to Lybia. ...............

All this strange People, would be really funny in some twisted Comedy-Show on HBO.
At least You could laugh about It.
But PLEASE, ... stop trying to Fuck Up your Country and the Rest of this Planet!! ... Go Home. ... Stay There and Shut the Fuck Up ..


  1. I am sick of this.

    please wake me up. I have enough of this crazy nightmare!


  2. In this short Meantime, you saw too, that Gingrich leads now, despite or Because? his Lobby- Scandal. I added the Links to the Post.

    Waking up, falls under 'be careful what you wish for'
    As one can't know everything, more Reality may worse than this real Nightmare. ... so far ....
    So if you wanna calm down, get Offline, stop reading, watch TV and be Happy! :-)

    My very last Link is about the last Debate at First Federated Church in Des Moines, while Romney was'nt present 'cause campaigning in Iowa.
    3 out of 7 started Crying about their privat Tragedies and have been hugged and consoled by the remaining Sadness.
    Even as 'Assumption is the Mother of all Fuck Ups', I assume, that This was nothing but a practiced fucking, choreographed Play.

    Mostly based on Health Issues, that sickening hypocritical, whining Shit, made me sick to the Bone.
    Because it cumes from them very fucking Motherfuckers, which really don't give a Fuck about the Health of their People and fight fiercely against any kind of general/universal Healthcare .. against their own People.

    Just Yesterday i met a good old American(64) at the Harbor, who knocked himself of the FoodStamp-Program, as he would be positive on Pot.(We have "DrugTest for Foodstamps" in Florida)

    He's got 5 Months left to start to collect his SocialSecurity and doesn't wanna take a Risk, as the SS will be his only Life-Support.
    He worked, and still does, for 50 Years and fought in Vietnam.
    Last Year he'd like to go with his Sister to Germany and has been told, that he is not an American Citizen and can't get a Passport.
    He was born in Schweinfurt/Germany and moved to the States 60 Years ago. ....

    Our Nightmares are Mild!!!


  3. so gesehen schon...

    Es gibt da noch einige, die schlimmer dran sind.

    Aber am meisten bedauere ich im Moment die Ami-verwandten von mir, die linke demokraten sind, aber schon rund um die 80 sind, so daß sie nicht mehr auswandern können und sich nur fassungslos beim C-Span-Gucken ein Magengeschwür nach dem nächsten generieren...

    Ich sitze ja wenigstens in Europa, bin krankenversichert und habe zudem noch ein einigermaßen religiotenfreies Umfeld...

    Thank Darwin!