Friday, December 4, 2009

Intentional Fall

Yesterday.. Obama said: "With Unemployment Levels above 10 percent, "We cannot hang back and hope for the best."

Don't I Love It, when some Country ...even Wanna-Be-Worldleader-Morons say some stupid Shit like That.
Since Puperty I Know, that I will Not Cumm, if I don't rub my Dick. The Exceptions are Wet-Dreams, which are not an Option in Politics.

Since Day1, Obama has a defined Plan. 'Depend Your Decisions on the Opinions of your Oppositions.'
The Bundle of this Opposition is a lately snapped, but usual Mix of Reps/Dems/Neo/Cons/Lobby'religious Corporation, which does'nt give a Fuck about Teamwork/Bipart. .... Never Did, .. Never Will!!
United, Obama and his Opposition-Buddy's make Sure, that nothing gets Done.
A transparent, cheap Show to keep Everything as Shity as it is and even make it Worse.
That Game is played since 'Money took Over and Obama is nothing but another $ for Corporate-America.
One other Thing:
"Meanwhile, Obama rejected criticism from black members of Congress that he is ignoring the more dire economic problems of minorities. Blacks for instance have a much higher unemployment rate than the already high national average. The president said it would be wrong for him to focus narrowly on blacks or any other minority group." ... I like narrowly!

But Why Not?
There is most certainly a Minority of Rich People, who're been fo'kissed on, and being taken care of, so Very Greatly with a Trillion$ shuffed up their golden Arses.
And there is that other Minority. The POOR.
Some MinorityGroups within that Minority are more troubled. It is not just the UnemploymentRate, the nearly 50Million without HealthCare, the Homeless, ...... it is them many more People within/or Close to that Minority, who still tackle 2 .. 3 Jobs a Day, just to be Broke at the End of each Month, with no Rest nor Security. Increasingly .... Working Poverty. And the POOR become Majority.
I never cared about, what the Obama-Campaign campaigned they CAN.
I judge em by What they DO. And expected, the Dems don't do Shit. They did'nt do Shit after taken over both Houses in 06. They don't intend to do any Shit at all, .... NOT FOR THE PEOPLE.
They delay Everything, pushing for losing their Majority in the Midterm and going straight for a One-Term-Run. ..... Did'nt Do no Shit!! .... See You Later. .... Yes We did That!!
Who do the Democ'Rats wanne give it up to?
To some fucked up Mix of teabagged Reps/Conservativs, who simply attack any Reason.
In that Matter, i could'nt imagine, that there could be so many People sucking on Balls with so much Shit on 'Em.

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