Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mad Off has been turned back On

Not,.. that This would be any kind of Amaizing.

Not only Once in a While you just get 'That Reminder' that, Anything Else but High Caliber Criminal Motherfuckers are roaming Free, would be the Exception of that Rule.
Mostly that 'Advanced Shit' happens within that stinky Mix of -Money/Power/Politik/Business/Finances/Celeb./Diplomat/Industry ...... CRAP.

And we are so Used and Dull over their fucking Immunities, that it became an accepted, Global-Give-Up-Kondition,.... like so many Others.

Yes, .. you poor cocksucking Billions out There,.. We Accept IT.

Extra High-Caliber-Criminals running the global-Shit and They run it Bad and Mad, like They always Did, Do and Will.

But what the Fuck do i Try to Say? ...... That the Fate of the Majority of All the AveragePeople on this Planet depend on a 'Handfull' ruthless, fucked-up- Asswipe-Criminals?? ...... EXACTLY!!
Just a 'Few out There wanna even 'know what I'm saying.

Any Doubters .... don't try, .. just eat Me. .... Cause You can't Proof me Wrong!
(Sure They will) ....go on


What George Carlin says, is Fakt, ... not just in America.
This 'People should be Ashamed ..... if They would even know what that means ..........

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