Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Ducktown Desert"

I like that Part of the Country. I've seen way more gigantic, remote Beauty's, for instant in the North-West and 'Surrounding. Like Montana, which is as big as Germany and hosts just 1% of Germanys Human Population.

And the Tri-State Area I like to hang out, is as beautiful as well. 10 Minutes South of the Tennessee/North-Carolina Border .. 15 Minutes North of Blue Ridge/Georgia and all Around you can Calm and treat your Mind simply with Nature.

First Time we crossed the Border from Georgia over to Tennesse in Mccaysville we recogniced right away, that Something had changed. It was the Forest. We came from the 'Old Forest'. From Copperhill and in to the Ducktown Basin we saw the 'New One'.
And after I've seen how the Basin looked like in its suffering Past it seemed like the Beginning of a good Way back to how it was and suppose to be.

As you can see on them Pictures the whole Basin got 'Smoked and Wasted really bad. Liveless, ..except the Humans who took the Life out of this Part of Earth.

But .........

... you can fix It. You can fix Everything if you just try ... or at least want to? Nature is taken the Hand and does Her 'Thing anyways.
Maybe She is going to slap us right off our Existence if we do not stop to bother Her. And She can do that to any given Time, because Time is on Her Side ....... and runs out for Us!

But thats an other Story.

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