Friday, July 6, 2012

" Part of the Chosen Race. "

A 'fine Particle of the 'Chosen Race' we've got There.

Some Ugly-White-Trash-Redneck Motherfuckers, who justify their harsh Racism with their God.
Unfortunately, this, and other Kind of Christian Radicals, is not rare in that Fat  Biblebelt, called America.
Just thinking about 70+-Million- Shit for Brains-Evangelists makes you barf at Once and Further.

I love and appreciate to be a Child in Time of  Free-Speech. .... but I draw a rough/fine Line, when it comes to intentional Hate-Speech. And it was and will be constantly all kind of Hate-Preachers who point out aggessively their Right of their Freedom of Speech. As this Fuckers know for Sure, that they're  on any Borderline of Constitution, Law and Justice. 

In Order to be/stay nearly Untouchable all of this twisted Asswipes, from the Backwoods, to so called ..  Journalism . . to the highest Ranks of Politics,  live of the additional Mega-Bonus of  'The Freedom of Religion"
Whatever War, Prejudisim, Racism, Poverty, Hunger and Hate ... you wanna trigger Legaly,  justify with your GOD.  

And the Fog of the Dark-Ages gets Thicker in the WestWorld.


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