Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cr (*appy) Birthday .. Palestine .. & the old/new western Fascism

Actually I was going to say something about This, a Week ago.
I could'nt think of one Word. There could not be one Word of me, ... has'nt already been spoken in the last 60 Years.
Yes, it was controversial, there was even some hefty Words out there.
Some said, that there was not one single Day of Freedom nor Peace since the very first Day of the State of Israel in the last 60 Years.
And so, .. there has'nt been one single Day for many Others.

The Mainstream of the western Hemi'sphere came mostly and overwhelmingly with the great and big Success-Story, of the State of Israel. ... What Success?
The democratic State of Israel is a Delusion, a garant Destabilizer for the Mid-East.
A Country which does'nt obey international Laws or Human Rights.
And 'It is wanted, needed and protected just for That by Its Western Allies.
Just back in March, Chanceloret Merkel received out-standing Ovations after her Speech in the Knesset.
'She gloryfied the State of Israel entirely and doomed all 'Her Enemies.
Well, .. no Wonder, when You start of your Speech with "The Shoa fills us Germans with Shame"
Even .. Olmert, Netanyahu and A.Lieberman together could'nt have done a better Job.
Gush Shalom/Uri Avnery had some simple words:
"Kanzlerin Merkel
Made a pilgrimage to Israel
And groveled before
Olmert and Barak.
Before and after her,
Other world leaders
Did the same
They did not do
Any good to Israel.
They hurt it.
Real friends of Israel
Would not encourage
Olmert and Barak
To continue on a road
That leads to disaster."
And what else is going on
In the last few Centuries We conquered 2 Continents, -America/Australia- and partially holocausted Them. Caribbeans and 'Some in the Pacific included.
We tried the 'Same in most of Asia: China, India, .... and since We had our Boot in the black Continent, Africa is just one big Misery and becomes increasingly an international -Stop and Go for Free- Store.
Some of 'Us Mega-Morons of the Past even gave it a Shot at Russia, and the Holy War is still for granted.........................................................
How does it Look a' Like this very Day?
No Difference at all.
Again I 'cum with that Merkel (did'nt i bitch about her last Post?)
You may have heard what Hugo Chavez said This Week about Merkel.
"Merkel, Chavez and some 60 leaders from the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean are set to meet Friday and Saturday in Lima, for a Summit that the two Regions hold biannually.
Venezuela condemns a verbal attack by Merkel against President Hugo Chavez,
further added that Merkel's recent Remark that Chavez does not speak for Latin America will hurt Relations and puts in doubt German Offers of Friendship to the Region.
"Chancellor Merkel is not the only Voice in the European Union, and one Country alone will not be able to alter Relations between Venezuela and the European Union, or biregional Relations"
The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry branding Merkel's original Remarks as "unfriendly" demanded "Respect" from Germany stressing that Respect, Equality and Non-Interference must prevail so that bilateral and biregional Relations develop in a friendly Climate."
Now, what did that 'Bitch say to piss off Chavez so bad?
Already before she left Germany, "Merkel was calling on Latin American leaders to distance themselves from Chavez" and poisoned that Summit in Advance.
Yeaah, 'She's a Rightwinger, .... but Fascist?
This neoliberal-pro War Queen of Germany is in South-America right now and tells them Latinos, that Her & Europe is going to take good Care of Their Continent. Helping them with Economy, Poverty and Social 'Healing.
She's using this fake Terms like 'Free Market, .. Free Trading, .. Partners, .. Fairness, .. Friendship and other nice, liberal Stuff.
It certainly sounds better than 'We're going to Fuck You Up'
"" The Countries of Latin-America are important political and economical Partners for 'Us, for the Arrangement of the Global Order.""
Now That, ... is Fascism at its Best, as this so called 'Leaders only obey the Orders of their Superiors, .. the Industrial Complexes.
Merkel must have pinched her pale, flappy Buttocks so bad, to withstand the Temptation saying ("New") Global Order.
At the same Time that dirty 'Slate numbnut Sinister of Foreign Affairs -Steinmeier, went to Russia, bitching about them russian Points of Stand about Serbia/Kosovo, .. Georgia/Abkhazia and the Factor of Power 'in Europe' concerning Russias homungous Sources of Energies. ...................
-And a real funny Story is, that We suck up States of the Ex-Soviet-Union and tell them Russians, that 'We are going to install a -Defence-Rocket/Missile-Shield- on Russian Borders to protect Europe from Attacks by Iran, North-Korea .... and whoever the Fuck We may think of.
We're all bitching at China, about Tibet.
Would'nt that be great, to get our empi'real Boot into Tibet too. Having another armed Battleship like Taiwan which is still chinese Territory?
Tibet has also a lot to give and if its 'only the Sources of Water for a 'few Billion People.
And there are still over a 100 Countries called the Block-Free and the 'Ones who have what We want are surely on Our Agenta for 'Democratisation'. With all Options on the Table.
Well, .. Some We fuck with, ain't Saints Either.
But We are the B(ad)est

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