Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Riddle

Looks funny .......What is 'IT' ?

'IT' appears on either Side of the American Flag behind the rostrum in the United States House of Representatives


'IT' also appears on The Seal of the Senate

'IT's on some Dimes.....

And already Lincoln rested his Hands on 'IT'

Seems to be important, ..... but what is 'IT' , ..... and why is 'IT' ..... 'There' ?


  1. Thanks for the cheers Olli,

    Is'nt it 'funny, that this whole Scene of Kapitalism/Neoliberalism, Neoconservatism, Empirealism, Corporatism, ..... Fascism ... coming with Economical and Military Threats&Actions from the western Hemisphere ... is so obviously, that most People are just simply afraid and in ducked Denial, do'nt even want to consider or realize 'It, ... cause its so fucking scary?
    It can't be ... but it is.

    And I understand all them People who don't even can't or won't think about it.

    Well, just look around and see,.. and you can still deceide to stand up or not.

    And it could be some friendly and freedomfull Fun to get the Fuckers out and heal what have been hurt so bad.

    Mosh it up!