Thursday, June 8, 2017

trumps Speech to the 6th of June

"I do not only speak to the Many who gathered here and the many More listen all over this Country. 
This is a Day, where the World has to Pause, not just remember that Day, 73 Years ago on that Beach in France, but of Human History before that Day, until this very Day .. Today. 
Today proofs, that Humanity, like before, never learns of all the bad Times of its History, as It never did. 

Not even this very Country is united peacefully within the Ideals of this Democracy's- Rules of Justice/Laws, Humility/Equality/Freedom, constitutional Leads and all them other Beauties we should be able to profit positively from. 
Many Places of the human Spectrum on this Planet are as fragile as well, and as of Globalization, somehow, its Everybody's Problem. 

Simply said, ... Everybody wants, does, has to fuck, back and forward, with Everybody's Shit. 
It is, and has always been absolutely Toxic and not just US, but everything on this Planet becomes a Victim.

There are always too many human Assholes on this Planet to keep on, fucking Shit up, and with the steady Progress of human Technology, including that total  Lack of positive Mentality, all bad Shit gets globally worse. ... I don't have to explain furthermore what, the Hell, is going on, as i don't give a Shit anyways. 

Believe me, right now i'd rather be in my Penthouse in my Tower in New York or at some of my beautiful Hotels/Restaurants, Golf Courses, and  ... you know ... do what i do, ... what i like to do ...

Therefore i resign of Today, because i wouldn't be that Guy, jumping off that Boat in France ... I would be that Asshole shooting that Fuck and anybody else who would Fuck with me and my Shit. ... Extremely Period! 

I am, not at all, sorry about that. The only Reason i did and do what i do, is the same Reason, why a Dog licks his Balls (B.Maher;) ...
Because I Can/Could!! 

Thank Y'awl and fuck You too ..."
PS. As about the Choice of this Headline-Picture to trumps Speech, i was actually looking for some serious, real Picture of trump himself. 
Fortunately i found, what trump is all about ..  

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