Friday, June 9, 2017

Deregulations ... unexpected big Losses?!

"His bill would target the heart of the law's restrictions on banks by offering a trade-off: Banks could qualify for most of the regulatory relief in the bill so long as they meet a strict requirement for building capital to cover unexpected big losses."

For Instant, Reagan fucked al lot of People with that Shit so called Reaganomics, kind of comparable with that Thatcherism.  (after that, Bush sen. did'nt even earn a second Term)
Sounds like an Excuse, i'm not a Clinton Fan, but Clinton got his Shit together an gave this Country in best national and international Condition to Bush jr.

Lots of People don't even know nor care, what the Fuck that even means. Same like Deregulation, part of Neoliberalism. ... Who fucking cares ...
I can't care all too much, being aware, that that Shit is going on since the Stoneage, and so far absolutely Nothing can stop it. I'm just a Witness of them sick Ways of my insane Species.

During Bushs 8 Years any possible Shit hit the Fan and at the End of his second Term, Shit got as bad, as we haven't seen it since the fucking 20/30'ties. No Shit!

Right now and for just a few Months, the GOP uses, well known, a total incompetent Moron/called President to push for all kind of, also well known, destructive Shit of basic national and international Matter. 
People, worldwide, getting seduced into that Russian Shit. The Evidence about That right now and before, should  have already shut down this so called Government for granted. 
Big Losses are never unexpected, but provoked for painful expected Bullshit. ...?!

In between you have to pay Attention what this Motherfuckers try to do, to Fuck everything up. 
And every fucking Idiot should know, that, when fucking Motherfuckers try to fuck Shit up, it will going to be motherfucking Bad ... for the majority of People ... Wherever ...  

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