Thursday, October 4, 2012

Yes Sir .. Master Bibi

"The renewed Focus on Sanctions over Iran's Nuclear Program comes as Concerns have subsided that an Israeli military Strike against Iran's Nuclear Facilities was imminent."

"“Our Hope is to announce a new Set of Sanctions at the Meeting on Oct. 15,” says a Senior European Official in Washington. “We know the existing [EU] Sanctions are really hurting,” the Official says, adding that the Focus now is to “bring the Iranian Economy to its Knees – in a way that really hurts the Regime more than the Iranian People.”"

"Netanyahu is expected to visit European Capitals soon to press for toughened Sanctions, but it seems unlikely his Trip would take place before the EU Foreign Ministers meeting."

"The EU this Summer began a full Embargo on Imports of Iranian Oil, a move that Experts say has had a significant Impact on Iran’s Economy. At the same time the US has reinforced Efforts to compel other international Buyers of Iran’s Crude to cut or end their Purchases – by cutting off the US Financial System to Countries still buying Iranian Oil."

"That Estimation parallels a recent Israeli Foreign Ministry Report that found Social Malaise in Iran mounting over economic Conditions. The Report even held out the Prospect of an organized public Reaction to deteriorating living Conditions eventually challenging the Iranian Regime."

"But They acknowledge that, before arriving at that Point, the tough Sanctions on Iran are affecting the Iranian Population in unforeseeable ways."

"“Yes, there is a Risk” of deteriorating living Conditions being blamed on the International Community and as a result reinforcing the Regime, he says. “But for the Moment, we are not seeing That.”" 
.... International Community? .. is just one of them infamous, distracting and misleading Lies of this Global Minority, called The West. ... Ask the other 6 Billion People what they think about that fucked up Shit. ... or ask your own People, and you'll find out, that the Majority of western People don't wanna do any other Wars!

Good Old Western Politik/Diplomacy!
Do not Negotiate, Starve Em and Attack!!
Especially by the West, Iran is labeled repeatedly the most dangerous Enemy of Israel, America, Europe and the Rest of the World.
Not just, but just since World War II, Who?? .. invaded/attacked all them Countries on this Planet and killed Dozens of Millions in all possible kind of Ways?
It wasn't and won't be Iran!
Iran is going to be just another Victim of the Western  Insanity.

And Bibi is happy!

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