Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tzipi ' Bibi ' E. Barak .. NO CHOICE at ALL

You have got to Understand, that this Attack has not been an Attack on the People of Palestine in Gaza.

It has simply been the usual Mix of -'Self-Defence and War on Terror'-.

Nothing Unusual Indeed!

Only One of so many Examples, how that Shit works: .... For Instant Germany

The Ex-SackRat'ary of German-Defence Struck calls, "The Debate over, 'whether (or not) the Bundeswehr/German Armee is at War in Afghanistan, absurd."

Shut the Fuck Up. That ain't no War, .... "We Defend Germany/Europe and other Warmongers, .. in the 'Kaukasus/Afghanistan." IT ai'nt No WAR!!

Struck also says, "That the Action/Mission, like the One of the 'Bundeswehr in Afghanistan, could lead to, that *People get Killed (* That Fuck would'nt even use "Civilians") and that "That would be the Reality in the "Fight against Terrorism"."

The present, and also embicile, German SackRat'ary of Defence says: .. "There is an asymmetric Thread-Situation for 'The Bundeswehr/German Armee in Afghanistan."

"The 'Bundeswehr is in the Fight against Terrorism, but not at War." ... (where 1000's of Civilians being Killed each Year)

Now, .... is there a Difference between them Statements of Germany about 2 Months ago, and of what Tzipi Livni said just Yesterday?? .... calling "The high number of casualties in Gaza a normal "Product of Circumstance".

"We seek out the Terrorists, and it can happen that Civilians are sometimes hurt in the Fight against Terror,"." (Normal Outcome of War)

No, there is no Difference in Between!!

I can't even say anything against one of them fine zionis'tick SackRat'ary's of Defence of Israel, .. Barak
Does his Job exceptionally WELL.

And at Last, but not least dangerous at All, .... in the -NO CHOICE at ALL- Mix. ....
and just a Glimpse of what this walking War is Up To.

So You see, ... Everything is Cool.

Just trust the US'rael-European-Plan and there won't be a Tomorrow. .... Not a Good One.

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