Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bush TaxCuts and other intentional Fuck Ups

Lately I voted in a Poll about extending the Bush-TaxCut or Not.
After you klick SUBMIT VOTE, you land in following Bullshit:
The real Fun, 'jerking that Chain' starts, when you make over a Million$.
For an easy to understand Warmup some Numbers via Rachel:

With several Million Millionairs and a 'Couple of Billionairs you add 100s of Billions to the Trillions of Debts/Deficits you already can't handle and future Generations will suffer on.
After the Warmup lets get a bit closer what this fucking 'Plan did, does and will keep on doing:

Remember, only during the last 2 Years some Trillion$ has been wasted to keep broken Banks, Insurances and other Criminals happy.
Another shy Trillion$ went in that 'Stimulus Package' which also never reached the Majority of average Americans.
The yearly Defence-Budget + the extra Billions for keeping up Wars and the Troops spread around the Planet is again a Trillion$. ....
You may get an Idea, how excellent you could Stand, if this kind of Money would be put to Work in more productive Ways to get this Country and its People back on their Feet, ... because it is Rotten to the Core
Fun byside, ...... America will never get a Brake, as long it is run by Money rather than by Government/Politics.
Mark my Words and bring em to the Bank!
I almost forgot some 'little Consequences of this Shit called Capitalism/Neoliberalism/ ... and at least .. Industrial Fascism:


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