Thursday, August 14, 2008

Suckass'Willi ++ ... Bullshit

Weird Dude, ... ain't 'It.
Last Picture he's doing some Propaganda out
of his Office and dares to use the E(F)U(CK)-Flag
Ain't no Member of this Shithouse, but Nobody tells him. ... Are EU'SA involved?
Stupid Question! Suckass'Willi is a Western implanted Clone of the 'Surround-Russia-Project'.
And is'nt there so Much to this fucked up Week.
That russian military Respond was really fast, .. but yet .. not fast enough.
Even that pro Shit Mainstream did'nt have another Chance than to nail this artificial Ballsack with the EU/SA-Twin-Testicles 'Willi for murdering a 'Bunch of Civilians in just a few Hours. He got the full Scale ... up to Warcrimes and Insanity. ... Well that was 'till the Russians kicked serious Ass.
Since then its all about Russia. And there are, like usual, no real Facts. Only Assumption, Insinuation, Prediction, Lies ... and other missleading, Crap ..... like Usual.
First comes First ... Suckass'Willi is a total Asshole but he would'nt even be There, if his empireal western Kreators would'nt even be worse Asswipes to begin with.
Right after his Attack on Ossetia, Suckass'Willi beged the Western-Bang-Gang for help agains Russia before the Baer even blinked an Eye. "Its not just about Georgia, .. its about America and its Values" .. You're not just not in the EU, you're ain't in the NATO either
Did he really believe that this would work, after his 'bad Start of 'Aggression?? ... Bullshit!
Not consider the Suspicion of a sudden retardet Insanity, even a total Asshole can't be that fucking stupid.
'Some say, that he has been granted Support by some 'Westerners and took the Bait. I don't think so.
And the EU'SA was totally surprised by his un'authorized Attack on Ossetia and/or the fast, massive militaery Response by Russia?? ... Bullshit!
Suckass'Willi calls for a cease Fire last Thursday7 for Breakfast... Same Thursday7/Dinner he brutally attacks Ossetia into Friday8, simultaneously with the Opening of the Olympic Games in China, which some see as a kind of Intention?
Getting kickAss from Russia immediately he calls another cease Fire on Saturday and since then, he runs his Media-Show and exposes what kind of a twisted Asshole he really is.
And most of the Western Politic/Media fit right in his Bullshit.
Monday'11 "He also accused Russia of 'ethnic cleansing' and 'point blank executions'. He said it was the destruction of the established order following the Cold War and that Moscow had deliberately planned the attacks to coincide with the Olympic Games." ..... Bullshit!
'By Today its all Russia and after they took Georgia, ... Baltics, Ukraine and Others are Next in Russias Way back to the Sovjet-Union'!!
I was reading this/'His Shit in some German Papers Today and they make it look like relevant and Germans Sackrat'ery of Foreign-A. suggested to send some (Freedom)-Troops to Georgia.
Also in the 'Washington Post' Suckass'Willi said, "<> Washington must orga'nice a 'Resistance in Europe fast. Russia 'would like' to bring back the old Sovjet-Union. It's the same Hegemony-'Thinking like Russian-Troops-Invasions of the Past." ....... BOOHH'
There are some good People/Bloggers and Others out There, who really put this 'Thing in Perspective... In Weeks, Months, Years, Decades and beyond. Actually there are quiet some Perspective's and they're all relevant and considerably 'mix'acceptable.
And the Main-Question-Explanation-Assumption- ... is .... How did it work? .. How does it work? .. Where does it go? .. Who's gonna gain, profit, advance from 'It .... or Not .. or What??
I just give a little Rats Ass to all of That.
Besides the Olympic-Games, all of them few Global-Players are running their own Global-SummerGame for the All-Time confused-paralysed Crowds.
Russia was granted to show some solid-military Muscle and play Tough politicly Today and Tomorrow?
Especially this 'Fantastic 4' self announced Western-World-Leaders are so deep in Shit, regarding to 'Their sozial-humane/economic, democratic, fashistic stinking, running ilegal Wars and argueing about why, when and Who to attack next, .. Breakdown, .... that they kind a' Like this Opportunity to show their 'humane Love for Fairness, Diplomacy, Freedom, Peace and Democracy.
Well, ... fuck Yaw'll Motherfuckers. And 'You fuck other Civilians too.
You fuck and hurt your own Civilians in your own Countries and you fuck, hurt and kill Civilians where and when ever 'You 'feel a 'Need for it. ... Not a Day Brake in Time!
Suckass'Willi just did it. He killed a 1000+? within a Day. .... Intentionally!
So what!! He's a good Guy, ... he loves Europe, America, Freedom, Peace and Democracy.
And for that, You can kill whoever the Fuck You want to. ........ and its OK, ... and Exclusive.

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